Pro-DFM (Defoamer for Agrochemicals) (5-batch analysis, registration support) (CAS NO: 63148-62-9)

Pro-DFM is a nonionic silicone antifoam emulsion, designed to control bubble in water-based pesticides, during production and spray tank operations. It is easily dispersal in water system and has a quick knockdown of bubble. Besides, Pro-DFM has good durability in deforming and stability, and performs well over a broad pH range.

Product Usage
Large-scale production to be based on trail tests.
1) Agitate prior to use.
2) For optimal foam control, the anti-foam must be completely dispersed in the foam medium. To aid in dispersion, pre-dilute the antifoam with about 1-5 times its volume with cold water. When adding the antifoam into water, make slow mix. The diluted material should be used immediately.
3) If the system can provide adequate agitation to disperse the antifoam, the antifoam emulsion may be added directly without pre-dilution.
4) Add the diluted antifoam prior to the point where foaming occurs within the system, if possible.
5) Subject to the influence of the factors of foaming medium, foaming temperature, chemical characteristics, foaming content, difference in stirring etc, the exact appropriate concentration must be estimated by clients via testing.


 Appearance  Milky white liquid
 Active Content  10%-30%
 pH range  6.0-8.0
 Viscosity (25℃, mpa·s)  1000-400

Packing: 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 20L, 200L plastic drum, IBC drum.

Sample of Pro-DFM:


Test video of Pro-DFM:

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