Pro-SAP: Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture (CAS NO: 25608-12-2)

Pro-SAP is a potassium based super absorbent polymer for agriculture. It has the capacity of holding water up to hundreds times of its own weight and forms hydrogel. The hydrogel will discharge water only when the plant demands for it otherwise it does not lose out on the moisture level, which is effective for water utilization in agriculture and horticulture in arid areas, or during dry season.

Outstanding Merits 
- Non-toxic, environmental friendly
- Reversible nature renders its long-lasting effect
- To hold water in soil while do not rotten the plant roots but facilitate their growth
- To improve the soil structure by enhancing aeration
- To decrease irrigation frequency
- To increase seedling rate and transplant survival
- To apply together with fertilizers and release them slowly, decrease loss of soil nutrients
- To reduce water runoff and soil erosion
- To increase yield and enhance crop quality

Product Usage
Pro-SAP can be applied in broadcasting, in drilling or line sowing (manually or by mechanical means), in nursery transplanting or applied as supplement for most crops and trees.
Dry way: Mix Pro-SAP with fine soil by 1:10-20 based on weight or mix with fertilizers as required. Apply the mixture in furrows of line sowing, on the soil surface when broadcasting, or near the crop roots for supplement.
Wet way: Mix Pro-SAP with water by 1:100-150 based on weight. After 2h-5h of full absorption, it will become hydrogel. Apply the hydrogel near the crop roots and cove up with soil.
Dosage for field crops: 45-75kg/ha for line sowing, 65kg-75kg/ha for broadcasting, 15kg-30kg for supplement.
Dosage for trees: 30g-200g/plant for transplanting, 20g-80g/plant for supplement.


 Appearance  Translucent white crystal
 Particle size  8-18mesh (≥ 90%)
 Solid content  ≥ 90%
 Absorption  400-600g/g (deionized water)
 Absorption  ≥ 100g/g (tap water)
 pH  6.0-8.0
 Water  ≤ 8%

Packing: 25kg/bag.

Sample of Pro-SAP:

Pro-SAP hydrogel

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