Pro-XTG (Thickener & Suspension Stabilizer for water-based pesticides) (CAS NO: 11138-66-2)

Chemical name: Xanthan Gum

Chemical nature: Polysaccharide gum produced by the fermentation of carbohydrate with the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris
Outstanding merits:
With very low concentration, Pro-XTG gives high viscosity while keeps extreme pseudoplasticity, or shear thinning. And it has outstanding stability with respect to pH, salt and heat. Besides, Pro-XTG has excellent compatibility even synergistic effect with other thickener and suspending agent like magnesium aluminum silicate or additives like smectite clay. Because of its high molecular weight, Pro-XTG also can be part of anti-drift agent.

Pro-XTG functions as a hydrophilic colloid to thicken, suspend and stabilize water-based pesticide formulations. The dosage of Pro-XTG is about 0.1% of the whole system. Prepare the liquid of Pro-XTG with certain preservative in advance to make it thoroughly hydrated and add it at the end of the milling cycle.


 Item  Pro-XTG
 Appearance  Off-white to light yellow powder
 Particle Size  80 mesh 200 mesh
 ≥ 95% through USS 80 mesh  ≥ 92% through USS 200 mesh
 Viscosity, mPa·s (1% in 1% KCl solution, 25℃)  1200-1800  1200-1700
 pH range (1%)  6.0-8.0
 Loss on Drying, %  ≤ 13
 Ashes, %  ≤ 16
 Total Nitrogen, %  ≤ 1.5
 Shearing Ratio, %  ≥ 6.5

Packing: 25kg bag, depend on customers'need
Sample of Pro-XTG:
xanthan gum, goma xantana from Shanghai Profirst
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