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Tea aphids

Morphology :
Apterae and alatae both 1.1 mm-2.0mm. Apterae are rather small, oval, shiny, reddish brown, brown-black or black, with black-and-white banded antennae and black siphunculi and cauda. Immature stages are brownish. Alatoid nymphs have very pale (almost white) thorax and wing buds. Alatae have a dark brown to black abdomen; forewing has a black pterostigma and normally a once-branched media, unusual for Aphidinae. Body 1.12-1.15 times as long as antennae. Siphunculi almost twice as long as cauda. Processus terminalis 4-4.5 times longer than base of antennal segment. Ultimate rostral segment longer than ht2. Siphunculi and cauda equally dark. Cauda bears 10-20 hairs.

tea aphids

This aphid lives often in dense colonies attended by ants on young shoots and undersides of young leaves, causing slight rolling, twisting or bending of the mid rib. Large colonies produce an audible scraping sound when disturbed.

Chemical control:  acetamipridimidacloprid.

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