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Soybean pod borer

Adult: 13-17 mm wingspan; forewing grey with weak purplish blue hue, more yellowish near termen; fasciae fuscous, irregular and narrow; dorsal spot well developed, giving rise to dark coloured stria; ocellus with three small black dashes. Hindwing fuscous, paler basally.
Egg: flat and oval, 0.48 x 0.35 mm, pearly white when freshly laid. During development, a red spot appears which may fuse to a pink streak.
Larva: orange-yellow when young, changing to milky white or greenish in the third instar and turning orange or pink in the final instar; head black, prothoracic shield brownish. Pupa: brown, about 6-7 mm long.

soybean pod borer

The soybean pod borer is considered one of the most destructive pests of beans in Hawaii and is a major pest of cowpeas in most of Africa.Flowers are eaten and destroyed and a large proportion of pods may be damaged and unmarketable.

Chemical control: Lamda-cyhalothrin.

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