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Vietnam bans chlorpyrifos-ethyl and fipronil products
The Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently issued a decision to remove plant protection products containing chlorpyrifos-ethyl and fipronil from the list of those allowed for use in Vietnam.

Plant protection products containing the two active ingredients will only be produced and imported for the maximum duration of one year, and be traded and used for a maximum length of two years from February 12, 2019.

All registration procedures for these products will also be stopped from this date onwards.

Chlorpyrifos-ethyl and fipronil are the two active ingredients in many kinds of common pesticides.

In 2018, there were 4325 tons of Chlorpyrifos (technicals and formulations valued 28.9 million USD) exported from China's 58 companies to Vietnam, the biggest import country of Chlorpyrifos from China.

As for Fipronil, there were 710 tons technicals and formulations valued at 22.5 million USD exported from China to Vietnam, ranking the thrid of Fipronil import countries.
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