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French President: glyphosate impossible to be banned within three years
In November 2017, the European Union had renewed the glyphosate approval for 5 years, but Emmanuel Macron had pledged to have it banned in France by 2021.

However, despite this commitment, the French president announced yesterday during a debate in the Drôme that it will be “impossible to be done with glyphosate in 3 years.”

“I know that some would like to see it banned overnight, but I am telling you that it is not feasible. It would kill our agriculture and even in three years, I don’t think we can achieve a 100% cut.”

An admission already highly criticized by environmental activists, like François Veillerette, spokesman for Générations Futures: “I don’t see how he can claim that there will be no alternative in 3 years. It already sounds like a renunciation (...) Glyphosate is dangerous, the president acknowledged it and it must be removed from the market as soon as possible.”
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