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Company Tourism in 2018 - Part 1

 —— Fun and Delicious

First morning, we went to the Shanghai Flim Park, many well-known films were made here. We experienced the 1930s’ style of Shanghai, and pretended to be a super star.   It's a very pleasant journey for us.

Haha, do you see these railroad tracks? We took the tram with other tourists. It’s kind of old fashion, but very interesting.

The day we visited this park is a very beautiful day, with beautiful sunshine, blue sky and white clouds. Then just enjoy the beautiful scene we had seen.




First afternoon, we went to Qibao old street.


There were so many people, all looking for delicious snacks. Yes, the Qibao streeet offers a glimpse of traditional China, but most importantly, its local snacks are famous and delicious.

After visiting the traditional building, a delicacy would be a great ending of the first day tourism.

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