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Brazil's Anvisa decides to ban carbofuran 2017.10.25
New outbreak of lettuce wilt and root rot caused by F. oxysporum f. sp. lactucae reported in UK 2017.10.25
Coffee growers in Brazil face more severe Borer Beetle problem 2017.10.25
Armyworms destroy crops in eastern Sudan 2017.10.12
Biocidal Products Committee to approve three active substances for use in biocidal products 2017.10.12
National Day holiday from September 30th to October 7th, 2017 2017.09.28
French gov’t to ban glyphosate by 2022 2017.09.28
China’s MOA issued Catalogue of Restricted Pesticides 2017.09.28
French and German farmers urge EU to renew glyphosate license 2017.09.21
Brazil's Anvisa changes rules for acephate sales 2017.09.21
EFSA - Peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the potential endocrine disrupting properties 2017.09.14
Costa Rica: HLB control continues in Chiles and Upala 2017.09.06
Zimbabwe enacts new strategy in fall armyworm fight 2017.09.06
Brazilian agrochemicals sector, Ministry of Agriculture sign agreement to simplify import rules 2017.08.31
Pakistan losing $200 million due to fruit fly 2017.08.31
False Codling Moth to become EU regulated pest from 2018 2017.08.23
No more sale and use of paraquat in China after 25 Sept., 2020 2017.08.23
China strengthens environmental law enforcement 2017.08.16
Canada proposes to phase out insecticide phosmet 2017.08.16
Coffee Crops: Plantation, Solutions to Major Diseases&Pests and Challenges in Latin America 2017.08.10
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