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Happy New Year 2018! 2017.12.29
Fungus threatens Brazilian farms 2017.12.29
Integrated pest management approach helps to check whitefly menace in South India 2017.12.29
Canada proposes to grant three-year registration for clothianidin and thiamethoxam 2017.12.20
U.S. EPA releases draft risk assessments for glyphosate 2017.12.20
Brazil Anvisa changes paraquat resolution 2017.12.13
Argentina suffers largest yellow rust attack since 1930 2017.12.13
Turkey tightens pesticide rules in line with global standards 2017.12.08
Brazil cancels requirement for registering adjuvant 2017.12.08
Company Tourism on November 18, 2017 2017.12.01
EU backs renewal of glyphosate for five years 2017.11.30
This year's first case of soybean rust in commercial fields confirmed in Brazil 2017.11.30
Overview global sweet potato market 2017.11.23
Brazil Anvisa approves abscisic acid as grape growth regulator 2017.11.23
Alarm over widespread boll worm attack on Bt cotton crop in Vidarbha, Marathwada,India 2017.11.15
Brazil extends emergency use of emamectin benzoate against H. armigera in six states 2017.11.15
Phorate and acetochlor recommended to be listed in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention 2017.11.09
Resistant rusts in Argentina: infections are detected after application of fungicides 2017.11.09
Canada to cancel certain uses of dichlorvos 2017.11.02
European Commission proposes five years glyphosate licence renewal 2017.11.02
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