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News Center
Foliage diseases may begin to show up 2011.08.15
Corn cutworms chewing 2011.08.15
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: A Confirmed New Pest of Soybean 2011.08.15
Identification Brown Marmorated Stink Bug 2011.08.15
Potential for Damage of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug 2011.08.15
Brown marmorated stink bug 2011.08.15
Weeds increasingly immune to herbicides 2011.08.15
UAE tightens control over pesticides 2011.08.15
U.S. Utah State announces new pesticide rules 2011.08.15
Pesticides demand this year on good monsoon in India 2011.08.15
More about fenamiphos distribution 2011.08.15
Insecticides India looks attractive for long-term investors 2011.08.15
Food scares prompt govt to ban 10 varieties of toxic pesticide 2011.08.15
Food safety promotes the ban 2011.08.15
EPA seeking comment on chlorpyrifos preliminary human health risk assessment 2011.08.15
EPA plans to extend fenamiphos distribution date and establish final phase-out date 2011.08.15
EPA extends comment period on nanoscale materials in pesticide products 2011.08.15
China, India join hands together in ICSC 2011 Moscow 2011.08.15
China to tighten rules on pesticide use 2011.08.15
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