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Biopesticides could be a safe solution to combat fall armyworm in African countries 2019.01.17
Fall Armyworm keeps spreading and becomes more destructive 2018.06.29
Armyworms destroy crops in eastern Sudan 2017.10.12
Kenya: Armyworms could lead to loss of 16 million bags of maize 2017.06.08
Ghanaian farmers troubled with armyworm invasion 2017.02.15
First tomato leaf miner outbreak reported in South Africa 2016.11.09
Zambia National Farmers’ Union forms task force against tomato pest 2016.08.03
Nigeria: Scientists see azadirachtin as solution to ‘tuta absoluta’ 2016.07.06
The impact of Africa's tomato Tuta absoluta pest problem 2016.06.15
Africa’s farming potential hinges on infrastructure boost 2016.05.04
Kenyan tomato farmers face ravaging pest 2015.02.11
Tuta absoluta found in Tanzania for the first time 2014.09.03
First reports of lethal necrosis on maize in Uganda and Tanzania 2013.04.15
Damage Threshold Of Meloidogyne Incognita To Sugarbeet Under Greenhouse And Field Conditions 2011.11.16
Histopathology Of Sugar Cane Roots Infected With The Root Lesion Nematode, Pratylenchus Zeae 2011.11.16
Ghana lifts forecast for 2010-11 cocoa harvest by 14% 2011.11.16
Application of Pseudomonas Spp. To Wheat As Biological Control Agents AgainstMicrodochium nivale an 2011.11.11
Ghana starts its second round of annual cocoa-disease prevention program 2011.11.11
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