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Brief news on sorghum crop in Brazil 2018.10.10
The pathogen of soybean rust has developed resistance to a single-acting fungicide in South America 2018.08.10
Scientists in Brazil Parana confirm presence of new corn bacterial disease 2018.07.20
Best way to control soybean rust is multipronged approach 2018.06.21
Soybean stem fly found in central Brazil for the first time 2018.05.23
Nematodes cause losses of US$ 3000 per hectare in Brazil 2018.04.27
Drought severely stresses Argentina corn, soybeans 2018.04.13
Fungus threatens Brazilian farms 2017.12.29
Argentina suffers largest yellow rust attack since 1930 2017.12.13
This year's first case of soybean rust in commercial fields confirmed in Brazil 2017.11.30
Brazil extends emergency use of emamectin benzoate against H. armigera in six states 2017.11.15
Resistant rusts in Argentina: infections are detected after application of fungicides 2017.11.09
Coffee growers in Brazil face more severe Borer Beetle problem 2017.10.25
Costa Rica: HLB control continues in Chiles and Upala 2017.09.06
Coffee Crops: Plantation, Solutions to Major Diseases&Pests and Challenges in Latin America 2017.08.10
Cold weather impact wheat crop in Paraguay and Brazil 2017.08.02
Argentine farmers planted 2.6 times more soy than corn in 2016/17 2017.07.26
Agrochemicals to be more costly in Brazil’s 2017/18 season 2017.07.12
More new molecules needed for Brazilian cotton producers to combat Ramularia 2017.06.22
Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia to coordinate efforts to combat soy rust 2017.05.10
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