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European-origin pathogen poses big threat to potato crop in India 2018.04.18
China’s ICAMA adjusts HS codes of some pesticides in 2018 2018.01.26
Alarm over widespread boll worm attack on Bt cotton crop in Vidarbha, Marathwada,India 2017.11.15
Pakistan losing $200 million due to fruit fly 2017.08.31
China’s Jiangsu Province taking corrective environmental action on chemical industry 2017.05.10
Philippine researchers to develop biocontrol agents against cacao pests and diseases 2017.04.25
China: Grain and Feed Annual Report 2017.03.23
Overview of India Crop Protection-Chemical Segment 2017.03.17
China’s NATESC prediction update: occurrence area of corn diseases and pests in 2017 to reach 73.3 m 2017.03.08
Government, experts swing into action to tackle locusts in Bolivia 2017.02.15
China confirms to execute Environmental Protection Tax Law from Jan. 2018 onwards 2017.01.24
China’s most stringent controls cause intensified pressure on supply of chemical raw materials 2016.12.14
China: Impacts of great environmental pressure and tight raw material supply on glyphosate 2016.12.08
Market Insights on Southeast Asian Agriculture 2016.11.02
Philippine govt warns farmers to be vigilant to four rice pests 2016.08.17
India Department of Agriculture launches neem-based insecticide to curb whitefly in cotton 2016.06.29
Vietnam hit by worst drought in nearly a century 2016.04.28
Israeli tomatoes suffer violent mosaic virus disease 2016.01.21
India: Kerala on alert for tomato pest 2016.01.14
India downgrades monsoon forecast 2015.06.10
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