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Nematicide Approved for Dutch Growers 2017.04.11
Australia bans omethoate on food producing crops 2016.12.23
Australia prioritized five chemicals for review in 2016 2015.12.18
New Zealand restricts insecticide dichlorvos 2015.09.29
NZ new highly-toxic insecticides rules entering into force 2015.06.29
New Zealand EPA consults on cereal biocontrols 2015.04.02
APVMA releases pesticides registration report for 2013-14 2014.12.10
New Zealand EPA declined Ortus insecticide application 2014.06.25
Australia continued suspension of quintozene approvals 2014.04.30
New Zealand calls for biocontrol submission 2013.05.22
Australia suspends the registrations and label approvals of dichlorvos 2013.03.12
Australia to limited and controlled release of some GM narrow-leafed lupin 2013.02.21
New Zealand invites input on review of 29 insecticides 2012.11.12
Australia extends suspension for diuron 2012.03.29
Australia suspends certain 2,4-D high volatile ester approvals 2012.02.20
New regional pesticide registration centre proposed in Pacific 2011.12.19
Draft legislation governing APVMA’s operation way released for consultation 2011.12.19
Australian scientists discover new bacterial insecticide 2011.12.14
New regional pesticide registration centre proposed in Pacific 2011.11.09
Use of the insecticide dimethoate suspended on many food crops 2011.10.13
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