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California proposes to designate chlorpyrifos as a 'toxic air contaminant' 2018.09.21
Advantages of wheat seed dressing with thiamethoxam 2018.09.11
Brazilian justice drops suspension of glyphosate 2018.09.07
France becomes first country in Europe to ban five neonicotinoid insecticides 2018.09.03
Health Canada proposes banning neonicotinoid insecticides in five years 2018.08.30
EU approves acetamiprid, cypermethrin and penflufen as biocides 2018.08.22
India Centre bans 18 pesticides 2018.08.16
The pathogen of soybean rust has developed resistance to a single-acting fungicide in South America 2018.08.10
EU renews approval for three pesticide active ingredients 2018.08.03
Canada approves continued use of insecticide cypermethrin 2018.08.03
Basic points when preparing pesticide spraying 2018.08.01
Diquat registrations report big increase over last 2 years in China 2018.07.26
Scientists in Brazil Parana confirm presence of new corn bacterial disease 2018.07.20
The big picture of how Australia protects itself from plant pests and diseases 2018.07.17
Health Canada still on track for phasing out imidacloprid 2018.07.13
EU proposes non-renewal of acaricide etoxazole 2018.07.13
Canada to phase-out quinoxyfen fungicide 2018.07.06
Dicamba injured crops and plants becoming more evident in US 2018.07.02
Scientists confirm first case of waterhemp with six-way herbicide resistance 2018.06.29
Fall Armyworm keeps spreading and becomes more destructive 2018.06.29
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