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California pesticide regulators recommend new chlorpyrifos restrictions 2018.12.07
Canada issued re-evaluation project plan for insect repellent p-Menthane-3,8 diol 2018.11.23
Canada proposes continued registration of clodinafop-propargyl 2018.10.08
Canada approves continued use of deltamethrin insecticide 2018.09.26
California proposes to designate chlorpyrifos as a 'toxic air contaminant' 2018.09.21
Health Canada proposes banning neonicotinoid insecticides in five years 2018.08.30
Canada approves continued use of insecticide cypermethrin 2018.08.03
Health Canada still on track for phasing out imidacloprid 2018.07.13
Canada to phase-out quinoxyfen fungicide 2018.07.06
Glyphosate will not be listed as a carcinogen in California 2018.06.15
Canada announces re-evaluation project plan for herbicide flufenacet 2018.06.05
Canada consults on use of imidacloprid 2018.06.01
Canada announces re-evaluation project plan for Zoxamide 2018.05.29
Hawaii becomes first state in the U.S. to ban chlorpyrifos 2018.05.14
Health Canada to host webinar to provide an overview of proposed neonic decision 2018.01.26
Canada proposes continued registration for dichlorvos 2018.01.26
Canada proposes to grant three-year registration for clothianidin and thiamethoxam 2017.12.20
Canada to cancel certain uses of dichlorvos 2017.11.02
Canada proposes to phase out insecticide phosmet 2017.08.16
Missouri temporarily issues stop sale, use or removal order on all Dicamba products 2017.07.12
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