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Use of endosulfan and methyl bromide for agriculture to be prohibited as of 31st December in China 2018.12.14
Indian Punjab bans sale of herbicide glyphosate 2018.10.25
India Centre bans 18 pesticides 2018.08.16
Diquat registrations report big increase over last 2 years in China 2018.07.26
India:Committee on Doubling Farmers Income suggests overhaul of crop input registration 2018.04.27
India: Agriculture department moots Glyphosate ban in Yavatmal 2018.04.13
Pyraclostrobin leads the registration in Feb, China 2018.03.30
Sri Lanka decides to lift ban on glyphosate 2018.03.14
Turkey tightens pesticide rules in line with global standards 2017.12.08
China’s MOA issued Catalogue of Restricted Pesticides 2017.09.28
No more sale and use of paraquat in China after 25 Sept., 2020 2017.08.23
India seeks to eliminate importing urea fertilizer 2017.04.20
Cambodia govt recalls fungicide tricyclazole to conform to new EU rules 2017.04.01
Microcapsule herbicides becoming popular in China 2017.03.23
India to ban use of 18 pesticides 2017.01.13
Demand for mosquito insecticides up 50% in India 2016.09.14
India CIBRC 366th meeting approved 23 pesticide technical registrations 2016.07.06
Biopesticide registration data requirement issued by Malaysia MOA 2016.06.01
Chinese Ministry of Agriculture to ban or restrict 8 pesticides 2016.05.25
India to phase out several hazardous pesticides before 2021 2016.05.04
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