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Overview global sweet potato market 2017.11.23
Phorate and acetochlor recommended to be listed in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention 2017.11.09
China strengthens environmental law enforcement 2017.08.16
Emergency ban of dicamba pesticides recommended in Arkansas 2017.06.21
Researcher develops biopesticide to combat the HLB 2017.03.28
Azinphos-methyl and methamidophos banned in Argentina 2017.03.22
ECHA: Glyphosate Not A Carcinogen 2017.03.21
Canada issued new guidance on pesticide fees 2017.03.16
Will Glyphosates price rise after the formulation of glyphosates and dicamba approved by US EPA? 2016.11.16
UN committee finds glyphosate unlikely to cause cancer 2016.05.19
Agricultural fumigants market to reach $1.74 bn by 2021 2016.05.12
U.S. EPA moves to cancel the insecticide flubendiamide 2016.03.03
Study shows insecticide thiamethoxam doesn't harm bumble bees 2015.12.30
Innovation through Formulation – Oil Dispersion 2015.10.08
WHO cancer unit to analyze 2,4-D 2015.06.05
China, Egypt reach agreement on pesticide registration data 2014.07.09
The global agriculture adjuvants market 2013.09.10
U.S. EPA Periodically Reviews of 19 Pesticide Active Ingredients 2013.08.21
New Zealand EPA reassessed highly toxic insecticides 2013.07.05
Pesticides and bees: EFSA finalises new guidance 2013.07.05
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