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Canada proposes continued registration for dichlorvos

The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is proposing to confirm the current registration of dichlorvos products for sale and use in Canada. Evaluation of available relevant scientific information related to the aspects of concern for human health and environment, indicate that dichlorvos does not pose unacceptable risks to human health and the environment, taking into account the implementation of the proposed conditions of use.

Dichlorvos is a broad spectrum, organophosphate insecticide used for the control of various insect pests (for example, mosquitoes, gnats, flies) in a number of sites (outdoor, greenhouse, indoor). Outdoor sites include outdoor living areas, picnic grounds, backyard areas, patios, latrines, loading docks, parking areas, and other areas around buildings. Greenhouse uses include food (cucumber and tomato) and non-food (ornamentals) uses. Other registered uses include indoor and outdoor structural sites (such as animal houses/barns, warehouses, processing plants, storage facilities, and outdoor recreational areas).

Dichlorvos end use products are formulated as a liquid (emulsifiable concentrate and solution) or slow-release generator (pest strip). The liquid products are applied indoors by handheld sprayers, automatic sprayers, or ultra-low volume applicators (automatic foggers). The liquid products can also be applied outdoors by ground equipment (mechanical fogger or ultra-low volume applicator, handheld sprayer). The commercial pest strips are placed into insect traps by hand (with gloves), which are placed in vegetable and fruit crops outdoors. There is also a registered ready-to-use domestic product, formulated as pest strip (package contains one resin vaporizer strip impregnated with dichlorvos in a foil-lined and sealed pouch). The users remove the strip from the pouch and suspend the strip with the accompanying hook in enclosed spaces to be treated. All registered pest control products containing dichlorvos (Appendix I) are considered for the special review.

This proposed special review decision is a consultation document. The PMRA will accept written comments on this proposal up to 45 days ended March 5, 2018.

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