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Brazil Anvisa approves abscisic acid as grape growth regulator

Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency, Anvisa, has added grapes on a list of crops approved to use the growth regulator, abscisic acid.

The decision was part of Resolution RE No. 2,689 on October 6, 2017, and was published in the 9th October edition of the Official Union Gazette.

Graziela Costa Araujo, substitute general toxicology manager, signed a resolution to include grape crops, without a maximum residue limit and safety interval due to the natural presence of the chemical in the plants, on the list of crops that can use the active ingredient, abscisic acid, as part of the complete list of approved agrochemical active ingredients and wood preservatives.

According to her decision, the complete list is available at the web address:

The application for the approval of abscisic acid was made through public consultation (under No. 389), with a deadline of 30 days starting from August 22, which was co-ordinated by the Collegiate Directorship of Anvisa. During this period, feedback and suggestions were received.

According to Anvisa, the decision to include the crop on the list without a maximum residue limit and safety interval was made due to the natural presence of the active ingredient in the plants. Abscisic acid belongs to the chemical group, Sesquiterpene, and has a toxicological classification of Class I in terms of agricultural use, according to the leaflet with a foliar application.

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