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Key to Get Good Efficacy: Surfactants In Agrochemical Formulations

Same source of technical or active ingredient, same content formulation, but different field efficacy, why? That's the surfactants or in-can additive makes the final pesticide product's quality so uneven.

In this article, I would to introduce the typical formula table for several formulation types, and the key surfactants applied.

Formulation 1: WG or water dispersible granule

typical WG formula table

Good wetting agent: speed up the product disintegration in water thus improve the product performance

Good Dispersant: effectively prevent the agglomeration and sedimentation between particles to make the product with reliable suspension performance

Formulation 2: SC or suspension concentrate

typical SC formula table

Good wetting and dispersant: effectively prevent the agglomeration and sedimentation between particles to make the active ingredient with reliable suspension performance in water-based system, and guarantee the stability of product storage

Formulation 3: SE or suspo-emulsion

typical SE formula table

Good emulsifying dispersant: guarantee the stability of product storage

Formulation 4: EW or oil-in-water emulsion

typical EW formula table

Good emulsifier: guarantee the stability of product storage

Formulation 5: WP or wettable powder

typical WP formula table

Formulation 6: EC or emulsifiable concentrate

typical EC formula table

Trend of solvent: higher flash point, low toxic and safe, environment-friendly, better

To sum up, choosing right surfactants, for formulator, it makes the processing smoother, for farmer, it makes the final pesticides effectively work.

In addition to the in-can additive, tank mix spraying adjuvant also can improve the performance of pesticides, like the popular silicone surfactants, our super-spreader PASS series.

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