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Mobility of a Polyether Trisiloxane Surfactant in Soil

Article share: Mobility of a Polyether Trisiloxane Surfactant in Soil

Abstract: Polyether trisiloxane surfactants are widespread used as agricultural adjuvants because they increase the activity and the rainfastness of pesticides. On the contrary to pesticides, the environmental fate of agricultural adjuvants has not been much investigated, yet. Especially for trisiloxane surfactants, the knowledge on their environmental fate is scarce. To fill this gap, the mobility of a polyether trisiloxane surfactant on soil was studied. With a sorption batch equilibrium method, distribution coefficients between water and soil (K d, K oc, and K clay) were estimated for two standard soils (loam and sandy loam) and for every homologue of the trisiloxane surfactant. The obtained values for K d were between 15 and 135 cm3 g-1, indicating that the trisiloxane surfactant is only slightly mobile in soil. The leaching in soil column was studied in a worst case scenario where the application of the trisiloxane surfactant was done on quartz sand and was immediately followed by a heavy rainfall. Less than 0.01 % of the initially applied trisiloxane surfactant had leached through 20 cm of quartz sand. Based on the K d values and the leaching in a soil column, the studied trisiloxane surfactant seems to be unlikely to leach through soil after application as agricultural adjuvant.

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mobility of a polyether trisiloxane surfactant in soil

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