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Infected plants become increasing obvious during the early stages of grain development. Infected plants are deformed and often noticeably
shorter than healthy plants. The stunted plants are often restricted to the lower third of the crop canopy. The leaves of diseased plants are often twisted and have long gray or black lesions that run parallel to the leaf veins. As the plants mature, the lesions rupture and
release large numbers of black, powdery spores of the fungus. Flag smut may infect all the tillers of a plant, but in some cases, only a few tillers become diseased. The heads of diseased tillers are poorly developed and often will not emerge from the twisted flag leaves. Heads that do emerge may have black-striped stems and glumes. The infected tillers often produce no grain.

Wheat Flag Smug

Flag smut generally is not an economically important disease, but where present, yield losses can range from trace amounts to moderate levels (when susceptible cultivars are grown).

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