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Corn Fungus Management
Corn Goss's bacterial wilt

It has two distinct phases: a leaf blight phase and a systemic wilt phase. Leaf blight is the most commonly observed and most damaging symptom and usually appears mid-season. Lesions extend along leaf veins and first appear as long, gray-green water-soaked streaks with wavy margins. Smaller, darker water-soaked flecks, often referred to as freckles, are apparent inside the larger lesion. Corn plants in the systemic wilt phase will show drought stress symptoms and wilt or die prematurely.

Pathogen Involved:
Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. nebraskensis (a bacterium) This pathogen has not been reported outside the United States, overwinters in infested corn debris near the soil surface. Infects by way of wounds.

Time of Occurrence:
Symptoms are often most severe at or near silking

Conditions Favoring Disease:
Wounding from hail, sand-blasting, rain, wind, or machinery. Warm temperatures and humidity.

1、Use disease resistant hybrids
2、Crop rotation and tillage after harvest
3、Preventing or reducing infection with good foliar nutrition is essential. A well-balanced nutrient program that includes 42PHI™ Cu can aid plants with additional nutrition during peak demand periods and correct imbalances before yield loss occurs.

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