Plant Protection
Tea Insect Management
Prevention pests by toxin BtA


MA Li-na;Institute of Agricultural Bio-resources Research Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
In this study,the field control effect of BtA on green leafhopper and aphid was investigated,and its effect on the population of Erigonidium graminicolum(Sundevall) amount in tea garden plantation,as well as the degradation dynamics in tea and soil were evaluated.
The results showed that the control efficiency of BtA on green leafhopper(Empoasca vitis) and aphid was similar as that of beta-cypermethrin,and had low toxicity to Erigonidium graminicolum(Sundevall).BtA could be totally degraded in tea and soil after 14 days.
Our research indicates that BtA is an effective biological insecticide with lowtoxicity and low-residue,andcould be widely used in pests control of tea garden.
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