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Wheat Leaf Rust

Puccinia recondita

The postules are circular or slightly elliptical, smaller than those of stem rust, usually do not coalesce, and contain masses of orange to orange-brown urediospores. Infection sites primarily are found on the upper surfaces of leaves and leaf sheaths, and occasionally on the neck and awns.

Primary infections usually are light and develop from wind-borne urediospores that may have travelled long distances. The disease can develop rapidly when free moisture is available and temperatures are near 20C. Successive generations of urediospores can be produced every 10-14 days if conditions are favorable. As plants mature or when environmental conditions are not favorable, masses of black teliospores may become evident.

Leaf rust can affect wheat, triticale and many other related grasses. The disease is found wherever temperate cereals are grown. The alternate hosts are Thalictrum, Isopryum, Anemonella, and Anchusa spp.

Chemical. If an epidemic develops, some of the systemic triazole fungicides can control leaf rust.
Resistance. There is good leaf rust resistance in the spring wheats but relatively little in winter wheat cultivars. Most of the club wheats can be severely damaged. Leaf rust resistance is partially based on a "slow rusting" characteristic. Epidemics develop at a reduced rate because of fewer infections, a longer period of time between infection and sporulation, fewer urediospores per pustule, and a shorter sporulation period.

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