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Soybean Aphid

Soybean Aphid (Aphis glycines Matsumura) is an insect pest of soybean that is exotic to North America. The aphid is native to Asia., described as a common pest of soybeans in China and as an occasional pest of soybeans in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia,Philippines and Thailand.

Soybean Aphid is typically slow-moving and often found on the underside of the newest growth on a soybean plant.Damage is exacerbated by other stressors on the plant (eg. drought) and stressed plants are, in turn, more favorable hosts for aphids, resulting in increased reproductive rates. Aphid honeydew, produced as a waste product during feeding, promotes the development of gray, sooty mold on leaf surfaces.The most serious damage to soybean plants can occur during the reproductive growth stages, and aphid populations should be monitored most intensively during this time.

Seed treatment: Thiamethoxam
Foliar treatment: Zeta-cypermethrin, Lambda-cyhalothrin, Bifenthrin, Cyfluthrin, Imidacloprid, Chlorpyrifos or mixture can be applied.

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