Plant Protection
Corn Fungus Management
Corn Anthracnose

Corn Anthracnose is predominantly in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia.This disease is favored by cool to warm, wet, humid weather, reduced tillage, and stresses that result in early senescence.

It caused by the fungus Colletotrichum graminicola, a disease that affects leaves and stalks. The fungus overwinters in infected crop residue (leaves, leaf sheaths and stalks) and spores are spread by splashing rain and wind.

1、 Hybrid selection: Chose the resistant varieties.

2、 Tillage practice and crop rotation: Decrease the fungus survival in corn residues. One-year or two-year rotation away from corn can be combined to eliminate the local source of inoculums.

3、 Soil fertility management: Avoid excessive plant stress and plant at right populations.

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