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Gray leaf spot is arguably the most important yield limiting disease of corn worldwide. It poses a serious threat to corn production in many areas of the eastern United States, including Virginia, and more recently in large areas of the U. S. Corn Belt and Africa. Documented losses in Virginia and elsewhere range from 10 to 60% of grain yield depending on the hybrid and year.

It is caused by the fungus Cercospora zeae-maydis. Like many other foliar fungal pathogens of corn, it is a poor competitor in the soil and can survive only as long as infested corn debris is present.Gray leaf spot is a highly weather-dependent disease. The pathogen requires long periods of high relative humidity and free moisture (dew) on the leaves for infection to occur.

1、 Tillage practice and crop rotation: The burial of infested debris facilitates rotting and deprives the fungus of a food base, so timely removal of corn residues after harvest is needed. Taking a field out of corn production or rotating to a non-host crop for one year can reduce gray leaf spot severity.

2、 Field management: Timely rain drainage and weeds removal is beneficial to decrease humidity.

3、 Fungicide application: Pyraclostrobin, Azoxystrobin, Prothioconazole, Propiconazole, Trifloxystrobin, or the mixture of some above products.

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