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Soybean Fungus Management
Soybean fusarium root rot

The lower taproot and lateral roots of infected soybean plants may appear brown to black in color and show cortical decay or vascular discoloration. Lateral roots may also die and decompose, and secondary roots may develop above them on the upper taproot. If root rot becomes severe, infected soybeans may develop foliar symptoms including stunting, marginal or whole leaf chlorosis (yellowing), wilting, and defoliation.

soybean fusarium root rot

Rhizoctonia root rot is caused by Rhizoctonia solani and is readily identified by its typical reddish brown lesions on basal stems. Fusarium root rot is caused by different Fusarium species. Rhizoctonia root rot and Fusarium root rot are early-to-midseason soybean fungal diseases common in Iowa. Both fungi can cause seedling damping-off. The fungi continue to attack soybean, causing root rot when soybean is in advanced growth stages.

Chemical control: metalaxyl.

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