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Rice sheath Blight

Sheath blight is characterized by large oval spots on the leaf sheaths and irregular spots on leaf blades. Infections usually begin during the late tillering-joint elongation stages of growth. Lesions about 0.5 - 1 cm in width and 1 - 3 cm in length are formed a little above the waterline on infected culms.

Rice sheath Blight

Fungus mycelium grows up the leaf sheath, forms infection structures, infects and causes new lesions. The infection can spread to leaf blades. The lower leaf sheaths and blades are affected during the jointing stages of growth. After the panicle emerges from the boot, the disease progresses rapidly to the flag leaf on susceptible varieties. With very susceptible varieties, the fungus will spread into the culm from early sheath infections. Infected culms are weakened, and the tillers may lodge or collapse.

Chemical control: difenoconazole, carbendazim.

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