Plant Protection
Rice Weed Management
Rice Cyperus difformis

Annual, fibrous and reddish roots; up to 100cm tall.Stem: tufted, smooth and erect,triangular and 2-3mm thick; slightly winged.Leaf: three to 4 basal leaves;sheaths united at base, lower ones straw-colored to brown; blades flaccid and linear,15-45cm long.Inflorescence: umbellate and subtended by two leaf-like bracts; rays 1-5cm long, some with long peduncle, some without stalk; spikelets numerous, crowded in masses about 2-5mmlong,each spikelet composed of 10-30 flowers. Fruit: brownish nut, elliptical to slightly obovate,about 0.6mmlong and lightly pitted.

cyperus difformis

Chemical control: atrazine.

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