Humanistic Responsibility

Profirst to emphasize: the modern economy and society should be harmonious with the simultaneous development of the modern enterprise development and social progress should also be harmonious unity, that the enterprise's economic activities should not only to pursue profit maximization as the goal, but should reflect the a humanist ideology, should be concerned about social issues in human development. The ideal goal is to achieve corporate, social, natural of the three sustainable development.

Therefore, we actively foster the concept of human trade regime, concerned about the total wealth growth, the growing wealth of humane attention, conscious of social responsibility, environmental protection, protection of labor rights, safeguard the interests of society, the business, nature, the society are harmonious and sustainable development.

Trade regime in the humanities under the guidance of a comprehensive, scientific performance evaluation system in order to correctly guide the production and trade practices act.

Scientific performance evaluation system requires enterprises to traditional cost - benefit analysis model to be amended to take full account of external economic activities of enterprises, that is caused by the act of corporate environmental and social costs, and we put the interests of enterprises and employees combine the interests of the employee's satisfaction, physical and spiritual benefits being included in the performance evaluation system.

Prior responsibility for the human thinking under the guidance of our actions and ideas would be regulated, and social responsibility into the conscious will of its own development strategy.

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