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Lower the pH in Your Spray Tank

If your water supply is alkaline, especially if the pH is 8 or greater, and you are using a pesticide that is sensitive to hydrolysis, you should lower the pH of the water in the spray tank. A pH in the range 4-6 is recommended for most pesticide sprays. You can adjust your spray solutions to the 4-6 pH range by the use of adjuvants that are marketed as buffering agents. Examples are:

Nutrient Buffer Spray
0-8-0 Zn Fe
0-16-9 Zn
10-12-0 Zn
8-8-2 Zn Mn

A question that is sometimes asked is whether acidification increases the residual time of the pesticide on the plant, thus affecting such factors as re-entry time and pre-harvest intervals. Residue tests on foliage sprayed with acidified and unacidified parathion sprays have failed to show any differences in the rate of degradation of the parathion. This would be expected since the pH of the foliage runs around 7.

There are a few pesticide materials which should not be acidified under any circumstances. Sprays containing fixed copper fungicides (including Bordeaux mixture, copper oxide, basic copper sulfate, copper hydroxide, etc.) and lime or lime sulfur should not be acidified. But, if the product label tells you to avoid alkaline materials, chances are good that the spray mixture will benefit by adjusting the pH to 6 or slightly lower.

The major benefit from acidification is obtained during the time the pesticide is in the spray tank; that is, from the time the pesticide is added to the water in the tank to the time the spray has dried on the foliage. If your water source is alkaline, addition of a buffering agent to the spray preparation is an easy and economical way to guarantee maximum results from your pesticide applications.

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