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Nitrogen fertilizers have been added to adjuvants to increase herbicide activity

Nitrogen, or ammonium fertilizers have been added to adjuvants to increase herbicide activity. Ammonium fertilizers used as adjuvants include urea-ammonium nitrates (UAN), ammonium sulfates, ammonium nitrates and ammonium polyphosphates.

1. Weeds which respond to the addition of UAN(Urea Ammonium Nitrate solution) solutions or AMS are:
Foxtails, johnsongrass, quackgrass, woolly cupgrass, velvetleaf, cocklebur, sunflower, P. smartweed, v. mallow, devilsclaw, lambsquarters and w. mustard.

2. Herbicides which are enhanced by nitrogen:
Glyphosate, 2,4-D amine, Nicosulfuron, Dicamba, Bentazon, Rimsulfuron + Thifensulfuron, Primisulfuron, Chlorimuron-ethyl, Cloransulam- methyl, Fomesafen, Glufosinate, Foramsulfuron, Halosulfuron, Lactofen, Imazethapyr, etc.

3. Normally, use nitrogen fertilizers to reduce the antagonistic affects of impurities (Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, etc.) found in water carrier.

The addition of fertilizer works to both enhance herbicidal effects as well as to stimulate the growth of desirable crop.

They help prevent the formation of precipitates in the tank mix or on the leaf surface. They also decrease surface tension, increase spreading of the herbicide on the leaf surface, neutralize ionic charges, and increase herbicide penetration into the leaf.

Even in the absence of mineral salt impurities in the water, weed control of certain weeds is enhanced by the addition of UAN solutions or AMS.

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