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Adjuvants for Sulfonylurea Herbicides

Sulfonylurea herbicides kill a broad range of weedy grasses and broadleaf weeds. Barley, maize, rice, soybean and wheat are among the cereal crops that metabolize the herbicide safely.

Sulfonylurea herbicides are post emergent, meaning that they are applied after weeds are visible in the soil.

Sulfonylurea herbicides, like other postemergence herbicides, require an adjuvant be added to the spray mixture to improve their performance.

For example:

- Urea adducts (urea clathrates) of high molecular weight ethoxylated linear fatty alcohols at low doses are very effective enhancers of sulfonylurea herbicide biological activity.

- Greenhouse studies showed that the mixed function oxidase inhibitor, piperonyl buoxide (PBO), tank-mixed with the sulfonylurea herbicides, nicosulfuron, primisulfuron, and thifensulfuron, in the absence of effective adjuvants enhanced herbicide activity on both broadleaf and grass weed species.

- Nonionic surfactants have been effective in improving the activity of several sulfonylurea herbicides, including primisulfuron, rimsulfuron, and thifensulfuron, as well.

- Methylated seed oils and Crop Oil Concentrates have been shown to further enhance the effectiveness of several herbicides on certain weed species, including nicosulfuron. Methylated seed oils’s have proven superior in warm temperatures, lower humidity and windy conditions that favor rapid evaporation of the spray solution.

Most herbicides do not need a buffering agent, and some sulfonylureas such as Chlorimuron-ethyl and Thifensulfuron-methyl should NOT be acidified.

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