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Why Do We Need Tank-mix Adjuvants?

Adjuvants can be classified into two major categories:
- Tank-mix adjuvant
- Additive in formulation

It’s worth thinking that why using additional tank-mix adjuvants when spray pesticides considering adjuvants has been added during production of formulation.

Formulators normally include two or three ionic and nonionic surfactants in their pesticide products.
Comparing to tank-mix adjuvant, they add these for at least three reasons: formulation stability, dispersibility, and emulsifiability.
Tank-mix adjuvants usually are added to the spray tank at the time of mixing. It is well established that many pesticides require the addition of adjuvants to improve efficacy.

How do Tank-mix Adjuvants work?

- Lower the surface tension to enlarging droplet coverage
Spreading agents lower surface tension in the spray droplet, and allow the herbicide formulation to form a large, thin layer on the leaves and stems of the target plant, to increasing the efficacy.
- Reduce spray drift to reducing damage
Drift control agents are designed to reduce spray drift.
Thickening agents can modify the viscosity of spray solutions and can also used to reduce drift, particularly for aerial applications.
- Enhance the penetration ability, reduce losses of formulation--active ingredient
Stickers are used to reduce losses of formulation from the target plants due to the droplets evaporating from the target surface, or beading-up and falling off.
And also penetrator.
- Create an environment for pesticides that maximizes the efficacy
Such as water conditioners, pH buffers, defoaming and antifoam agents and UV absorbents.

As shown above, the necessity of tank-mix adjuvants is obvious, due to its various and powerful functions as activator or utility adjuvants.

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