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Wonder Sugarcane and its weed management

Sugarcane is called wonder cane. It is different with other crops in several ways. Sugarcane is a perennial cane crop, and has unique ratoon nature. Patience is needed in sugarcane plant as the growth cycle of some is up to 18 months.

It is interesting to know different plant practices of sugarcane worldwide.

Plant cane: Selection of single bud chips and transplant; Selection of healthy budded setts for planting, like row-to-row planting technique and ring pit method(the selection of bud or setts are usually from 8-month ones);

a short video about ring pit technique: 

ring pit plant method:
ring pit plant method of sugarcane

Ratoon cane (the harvest times of cartoon sugarcane vary in different breeds, plant seasons and countries. Under good case, it can reach 6 times before replant.)

The nature of weed problem in sugarcane cultivation is quite different from other field crops because of the following reasons:

(1) Sugarcane is planted with a relatively wider row spacing;

(2) The sugarcane growth is very slow in the initial stages. It takes about 30 - 45 days to complete germination and another 60-75 days for developing full canopy cover;

(3) The crop is grown under abundant water and nutrient supply conditions;

(4) In ratoon crop very little preparatory tillage is taken up hence weeds that have established in the plant crop tend to flourish well.

Herbicides for plant and ratoon sugarcane:

Sedge-Cyprus rotundus: Halosulfuron 75% WG

Grass-Cynodon dactylon: Hexazinone 75% WG, Hexazinone+Diuron 60%

Broadleaved weeds: Diuron 80% WP/WG, Mesotrione+Atrazine

Other herbicides:

Isoxaflutole 75% WG,

Oxyfluorfen 240 g/L EC,

Imazapic 240g/L SL,

S-metolachlor 960g/L EC,

Clomazone 480g/L EC,


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