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Common Peanut Diseases and Related Problems
1. Early season problems -- plants less than 4 weeks old.

a. Damping-off caused by seed- and soil-borne fungi.

Aspergillus crown rot
Rhizopus rot
Pythium rot
Sclerotium rot
Rhizoetonia rot

b. Cold injury caused by temperatures below 40° F.

c. Nematode injury ( Northern root knot, Peanut root knot, Ring, Sting)

d. Chemical injury caused by herbicides, insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, etc.

2. Mid- to late-season diseases.

a. Problems resulting in damage to leaves.

Early and late leafspot
Pepper spot and leaf scorch
Web blotch
Peanut rust
Peanut stunt virus
Insects (Tobacco thrips , leafhopper) and spider mites
Chemical injury (herbicide, fungicide)
Genetic abnormality Nutrient deficiencies (Mn, N, etc.)

b. Problems resulting in death of single limbs or entire above ground parts of plants.

Botrytis blight
Southern stem rot
Sclerotinia blight
Cylindrocladium black rot
Pythium wilt
Verticillium wilt
Rhizoctonia stem rot
Zinc toxicity

c. Problems resulting in stunted growth only.

Plant parasitic nematodes ( Northern root knot, Peanut root knot, Ring, Sting)
Drought stress
Soil pH
Nutrient deficiencies

d. Problems resulting in decayed or abnormal peanut pods.

Botrytis blight
Southern stem rot
Sclerotinia blight
Cylindrocladium black rot
Rhizoctonia pod rot
Pythium pod rot
Nematode damage ( Northern root knot, Peanut root knot, Ring, Sting)
Calcium deficiency (pods contain no seed or only shriveled seed)
Dry weather (pods have deep cracks that result in formation of abnormal shapes)
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