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Adjuvant Study
Most pesticides work better under PH4-6 conditions 2019.03.26
Lower the pH in Your Spray Tank 2019.03.26
Nitrogen fertilizers have been added to adjuvants to increase herbicide activity 2018.09.13
Adjuvants for Sulfonylurea Herbicides 2018.09.12
Oil Adjuvants 2018.09.12
Adjuvants for Sulfonylurea Herbicides 2018.08.31
Adjuvants for post-emergence herbicides 2018.08.27
Basic points when preparing pesticide spraying - For better efficacy of pesticides 2018.08.07
You Need a Penetrant for Systemic Pesticides 2018.08.07
Why Do We Need Tank-mix Adjuvants? 2018.08.07
Water Conditioner Pro-Buffer to Acidify the Spray Water and Handle Hard Water 2018.07.20
Water Quality in Agrochemical Spraying Will Affect the Product Efficacy 2018.07.20
Silicone Surfactants VS Non-silicone Ones 2017.07.28
Agricultural Drift Control Products To Improve Spray Pattern 2017.07.28
Pest & Disease Management – Adjuvants 2017.06.28
Key to Get Good Efficacy: Surfactants In Agrochemical Formulations 2017.05.27
Another chance coming for APG surfactant using in Glyphosate? 2016.05.20
Most outstanding advantages of defoamer Pro-DFM (silicone emulsion) 2016.05.20
Mobility of a Polyether Trisiloxane Surfactant in Soil 2016.05.19
What is Biosurfactant? 2016.05.09
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