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Wireweed (Polygonumspp.) is native of Europe and Asia and widespread in Australia, particularly in cereal crops, canola and field peas, and are also serious weeds of lucerne and establishing pastures.

Wireweed often germinates and emerges during or after crop or pasture establishment, which makes it hard to control. It competes for moisture and nutrients, thus it will reduce crop and pasture yields, but generally has minimal impact on winter cereal crop yields due to it delayed emergence.

Wireweed often causes problems with machinery and is not readily managed through grazing because of its low forage quality and relative unpalatability. It can be toxic to horses, with deaths having been recorded in New South Wales.

Wireweed is tolerant of atrazine and is often a weed of triazine tolerant canola.

1、 Crop selection: Such as Imidazoline tolerant Glyphosate tolerant crops. Avoid continuous cereals or broadleaf crops where control is difficult.

2、 Herbicide application: Glyphosate, Dicamba and some Sulfonylurea herbicides are the most effective as knockdown herbicides for fallow and pre-sowing control. Trifluralin, Pendimethalin, Chlorsulfuron and Priasulfuron can be used as pre-emergent herbicides. Metsulfuron and Dicamba can be used as selective post-emergent herbicides.

From: Australian Government grains research and development corporation

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