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Brome Grass (Bromus spp.) is an ever-increasing problem facing grain growers. It will compete against pasture and crop species for nutrients and water.

Brome Grass (B. diandrus) and wild oats were found to be the most competitive grass weeds in wheat, thus making wheat yields decrease exponentially. Brome grasses show drought tolerance, better tolerance of phosphorus deficiency and better responsiveness to nitrogen than wheat. For this reason, addition of nitrogen to a crop can aggravate a brome grass problem. And seeds of brome grasses can cause grain and livestock contamination problems.

Brome Grass is alternate host to cereal diseases like ergot, powdery mildew, black stem rust and pests like cereal cyst nematode and root-knot nematodes to new crops. While brome grasses are developing herbicide resistance

1、 Delayed sowing: Best result with early seasonal break.

2、 Herbicide application: Knockdown herbicides for fallow and pre-sowing control. Mixture of Trifluralin and Metribuzin can be used immediately before sowing. Sulfosulfuron, mesosulfuron-methyl, etc can be used as post-emergence herbicide.

From: Australian Government Corns research and development corporation


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